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at madurai

at madurai - interviews were very simple The only thing is...

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Hai Friend, This is Ajithprasad from trichy. I attended the same conducted in Madurai. I got placed The recruitment pattern is as follows: 1) written test 2) Tech Itw 3) HR itw Written test was a little bit tuff Prepare GRE, and aggarval . First 15 is from Verbal(Analogy, paragraph, synonyms) second 15 apti next 20 tech( 3 from network, C and Cpp And DS) Duration is 1 Hr Then the
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Unformatted text preview: interviews were very simple. The only thing is u shld be bold. Don't ask more sorry., That will reduce ur confidential level. Nothing is there. So prepare well. If possible get their Mobile no Coz i did not get any letter from them still. So please get their contact no; They were friendly. SO be bold. and im waiting 4 ur result All THE BEST...
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