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JU-2004 - /Wipro paper J.U-2004 Section1-english,15...

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/Wipro paper ( J.U.-2004 ) Section1-english,15 questions Section2-apptitude 15 questions Section3-technical ,20 questions There was individual cut off for all the sections. English------- There were a few questions of filling the blanks There were a few analogy type questions which were easy. There were no comprehension or antonyms & synonyms. Aptitude-------------- This paper was quite tough and the questions were lengthy . The printing of the paper was clumsy too. All the questions were so big that I remember the conditions of none the questions properly……….. All the questions had some 6 to 7 conditions given . By applying those conditions it was required to find the solution………. None of the questions were too easy………….. Practice hard to gain fluency…………. Technical--------------- Some of the questions were……….. 1>convert 181 to binary code
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2>what is rom? 3>questions about stack,queue,tree 4> some questions about microprocessors 5>questions about internet protocol,networking………..
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