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Completing Blackboard Problem Sets The Blackboard problem sets will be posted under Assignments. Click on the problem set and it will open up. You should then print out the problem set. You can exit Blackboard. Solve the problems and write down the answers. Keep your answers for your records. Open up the problem set on Blackboard again. Enter your answers. Check that you entered your answers correctly. Hit submit. Then hit OK to confirm. Blackboard will then give you your score (without the solutions). You can also see your score under Gradebook. I will post the solutions the next day after the deadline for submission has passed. Most of the problem set questions will be “calculated numeric” questions where you have to submit a numerical answer. Here are some issues you need to be aware of when you submit your final answers: 1. What is 2 inches plus 2 inches? Ignore the units of measurement when submitting your final answer. If you enter 4, Blackboard will mark your answer correct. If you enter 4 inches, Blackboard will mark
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pam2100 policy_blackboard_psets - Completing Blackboard...

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