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WIPRO Interview The test is followed by a Technical and a HR interview.The technical interview is highly specialised and covers almost all subjects you have done in your curriculum. However one is required to name his/her favorite subject on which most of the interview is focussed.For Computer Engineers C, Operating Systems, DBMS,Microprocessors are mostly focussed upon. Electronics Engineers can be grilled on DCLD, Microprocessors and Communications. For details on the frequently asked questions please refer to our Interview section . The HR interview which follows the technical interview is very general.In most cases questions regarding the company are asked.For details on the other frequently asked questions please refer to our Interview section . Back To The Top Profile Wipro was previously known as Western India Vegetable Products Ltd was started by Mr.M.H Premji . The company manufactured vegetable oil, vegetable ghee and laundry soap. In 1966, upon the untimely demise of M.H. Premji, his son, Mr.Azim Hasham Premji , a 21-year-old student of engineering at Stanford University, was called upon to run the company. Under him, Wipro embarked on an ambitious phase of expansion. The business diversified into fluid power, soaps, toiletries , lighting and babycare products , and distribution was considerably expanded.Some of the important consumer products made by Wipro include soaps, babycare products, bulbs, tubelights, shampoos, powder etc . The financial strength of the consumer care division powered further diversifications, particularly in infotech and healthcare . The Infotech era began in the late seventies and Wipro set up its IT business in Bangalore in 1980. Wipro became the No.1 listed company in the country in just 15 years. In a reorganisation, the firm went public with Wipro Technologies , the global IT services subsidiary, whose gross income grew by 65 percent to reach Rs.1042 crore($240 million).Wipro's software business was assessed at SEI CMM Level 5(. Wipro's technology divisions, global R&D and telecom solutions contributed 46 percent of the software revenue, and the balance was accounted for by enterprise solutions business. E-commerce contributed 15 percent of enterprise solutions revenue for the year. Sales and other incomes of the second division, Wipro Infotech , the Indian IT services and products business that takes care of networking solutions, customer services, computers and peripherals , grew by 20 percent to Rs.825 crore.
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Wipro Technologies soon plans to tap the global capital body through an issue of American Depository Receipts(ADR) or Global Depository Receipts(GDR). It established its headquaters in Santa Clara, US, with Mr.Vivek Paul as the company's president and CEO. The
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total wipro 1 - WIPRO Interview The test is followed by a...

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