27 wwii and global security wwii was a war over

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Unformatted text preview: itler’s true nature was revealed, World War II was inevitable. • The U.S. and the British Empire made an uneasy pact with Stalin and the Communist U.S.S.R. to defeat Nazi Germany and the Axis powers (Italy and Japan). • The freedom of the West was preserved only by the intervention of the United States and its allied nations. • WWII was a war over global dominance • It was also an ideological war in which one of the two challenges to the international state system was eliminated • The end of World War II set up the next global conflict – The Cold War 27 28 The Role of the United States Europe Emulates the U.S. • What role has the United States played in these great events? • Europe would increasingly come to resemble the US, which was: – The United States was the world’s first modern nation, and – The Americans were the world’s first modern people. • Indeed, Europe was interested in Americans even before the Thirteen Colonies gained their independence. – A democratic, nationalist, and capitalist society – With religious toleration and a social order that was not based on inherited privilege. • Europeans, recognized that the US was modern: – Their attitude towards it depended on their attitude towards modernity. 29 © 2010, Ted R. Bromund and Minh A. Luong, All Rights Reserved 30 5 Prof. Minh A. Luong <Minh_Luong@brown.edu> The International State System INTL1280/POLS 1410: Global Security After the Cold War Brown University European Immigrants – The Mortar of Europe-US bonds Emulation/Anti-Americanism • For European liberals, the United States was a nation to be emulated. • For millions of common people, the U.S. was the promised land. • But anti-Americanism was almost as central a feature of European thought in the nineteenth century as it is today. – On the left, as som rose to prominence in Europe, the United States was attacked as a capitalist power. – But before World War II, the center of gravity for antiAmericanism lay on the right, which hated the United States because it seemed to promise only the rule of a corrupt, uncultured, rabidly nationalist, racially mongrel mob. – For the right, even more than the left, the vision of modernity that the United States offered was a nightmare. • The millions of European emigrants in the United States formed a bond between the Old World and the New. • Whatever the politicians said, many Europeans knew, from their relatives in the United States, that it was a land in which the common person could make a living. • Most important of all, there was no clear alternative to American modernity. – Som and communism were even more destructive of nations and the established social order, while traditional conservative leaders admitted that the best they could do was to delay the democratic tide. 31 32 Preventing World War III Re-Legitimizing Europe • The central concern of the day was not the state of the American state, but the condition of the European ones. • By 1945, the only nation between the Urals and the At...
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