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Sheet1 Page 1 Sample papers >> Recruitment Processes Archives(Sample Papers) Wipro - Question paper - 06 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIPRO University Questions : Technical Questions1. Add 79H and 86H and tell the contents of flags2. Scr is used for _____ ( 3. Push pull amplifier is used to remove which harmonics ( even , odd , both ) 4. PAM is demodulated using ___ ( low pass filter , high pass filter ) 5. 16k memory is needed. How many chips with 12 address buses and 4 data buses are needed. 6. AM wave is detected using _________ detector 7. Which flip flop is used for shift registers 8. Program counter does what __ (stores a memory address, address of the present instruction)
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Unformatted text preview: 9. In a bistable multivibrator communication capacitor is used for ______ ( speed up response , ac coupling) 10. Totem pole is what? 11. Time constant for an integrator and differentiator should be ( small , high etc.) 12.TV waves are __ ( sky waves , space waves etc.) 13.Which configuration has highest i/p imp. ( ce , cb , cc ) 14. Parabolic antenna with 2degree angle. What is its directivity. 15. Given 10 mhz pe modulation and we got a 100 mhz band. How many channels can be there. 16. If o/p power is doubled by how much does the sound increase ( 1db,2db,3db )----------------------------------------------Freshersworld.com...
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