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Unformatted text preview: Sample papers >> Recruitment Processes Archives(Sample Papers) Wipro - Question paper - 07 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Latest Questions of WIPRO NUMBER OF QUESTIONS : 45 TIME : 40 minutes 1. Find the odd one out Eg: a) entice,lure,allure,alarm. select the odd one out. b) evince,press,exort,spur. 2.synonyms(majority of the questions) Eg: Vivacious. 3.Analogies. eg: If symphony : compose then a) playwrite : play b) child : mother 4.Four sentences will be given.For example, a).... b)....c)...d).... You have to arrange them in such a way that they form a meaningful paragraph. 5.Question related to alphabets. A F G T E G W O + ------- 1 2 3 0 ------- the above is just an example and not a question appeared in the test. 6.Antonyms. Freshers world.com Placate a)abet b)enrage c)witness d)..... 7.Questions from 'C' language(only 2 to 3 of them) int x = 10,y=15,z = 5; int i; i = x printf("%d",i); There will be no problem with the written test if you have prepared for GRE and also good vocabs. The above are the questions that I was able to get from my classmates.I hope this will be of some use to all of you. here will be no questions from 11th and 12th standard subjects as it was in the previous year. egarding the interview,there will be a compulsory HR and Technical interview(in any order) for all the short listed candidates.Be strong in your 'C' programming skills.Also,make sure that you take with you your project reports(if you have done any).This might be useful to impress the interviewers.Then be strong in Operating Systems,if you had that in your academics.Do not ever say that,"I will be able to write down the logic,but not the program".Two of my friends told this and they were not selected. Be Be careful while filling in the resume given by them.The columns in the resume are,for example 1.Where do you think you have to improve yourself? 2.Why have you chosen WIPRO? 3.Your strengths and weaknesses. HR questions will be from your resume. ----------------------------------------------Freshersworld.com ...
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