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ECE6607 - Homework 4 - 4. Consider the 10 Mbps Ethernet....

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ECE 6607 Homework #4 Due on October 14 1. Perform an analysis of the slotted ALOHA protocol discussed in class, draw the G-S curve, and compute the maximum line utilization (efficiency). 2. Consider the CSMA-CD protocol. Why is it that one-persistent CSMA is used, and not nonpersistent CSMA? Explain in detail. 3. Why is there a lower bound on the Ethernet packet size? Explain in detail.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Consider the 10 Mbps Ethernet. What would happen to the MAC protocol if the transmission rate is increased to 1 Gbps? 5. Consider the token-passing ring protocol. What is the main reason the receiver releases the token, and not the sender? Explain. 6. Describe in detail the main difference between a bridge and a router. 1...
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