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English (Nuclear Weapons Speech)

English (Nuclear Weapons Speech) - W hat is the t ruth If...

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What is the truth? If we believe weapons are the cause of all destruction, then as the creators of such devices, could it be said that we are the true architects of conflict, war and terrorism in the world today? The most fatal of theses weapons are nuclear, a word that not only causes fear and grief amongst humanity but is the founder of many man made catastrophes. In the late 1930’s scientist’s made a notorious breakthrough by discovering and successfully creating the ultimate tool of destruction, predominantly known as nuclear weapons. Only one malfunction or mistake could detonate and destroy humanity within a blink of an eye. Having this man made creation undoubtedly contain such horrific circumstances, the production of nuclear weapons should be forbidden. In the history of warfare, two nuclear bombs have been detonated offensively which were towards Japan from the United States of America, near the end of world war two. The first bombing took place in Hiroshima on august 6, 1945. The Americans released the atomic bomb aptly known as “Little boy”, which killed up to 100,000 people in one day within a 2- mile radius. Over the five-year period the number exceeded past 200,000 from the radiation effect. Ruthlessly, two days later the Americans released another called “Fat man”, it was slightly larger then “Little Boy” with an unknown death toll. Compared to today’s technological standards, the potential of these weapons were never fully developed, but made such
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