English (Shakespeare’s Macbeth)

English (Shakespeare’s Macbeth) - The...

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Unformatted text preview: The symbolic meaning of a raven suppor ts the evil theme along with the calling of the murder ing evil spir its. ome, you spr its in a t one of a calling, with the actions of drawing my hands t owards me, t o symbolize the four th coming of evil. raven himself is hoarse with a soft and deceiving tone t o signify the fake appearance of lady Macbeth, but also a feminine side. to remorse symbolizing her belief of remorse and human conscious which is represent ed visitings of nature, as a woman f law, t o commit such And take my milk for gall, you murder ing ministers was said harshly and fir m t o represent the str iping of her femininity. , and smoke of hell, sets the atmosphere, producing a vivid image of dark night, with the air foggy and Smokey, giving the feeling of a hell. s on a womans body that is not on a male. The request that her milk be taken, (casting off femininity), sets the desire t o appear as someone she ng a sinful deed, I said, Come thick night in a tone of slight cont ent, in which she hoes fir thick air t o cover her sins, and hide her. full of direst cr uelty was spoken in a loud tone, indicating a offer ing herself, to evil spir its, which was suppor t ed by the movement of the hands e goodness Lady Macbeth speech, it slightly sets a possibility of her cont aining some goodness in her, if read separat ely from the line itself. ke a praising of her husband, shows the pr ide she has in him, which immediat ely positions the relationship between the two. in which she realizes his ar r ival, I say with a soft affectionat e voice to show the love and compassion that she has for him....
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English (Shakespeare’s Macbeth) - The...

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