applied cryptography - protocols, algorithms, and source code in c

void a5encrypta5ctx c char data int len int ij

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Unformatted text preview: c2b8, 0x8fe51550, 0xc72fefd3, 0x9b09e6ad, 0x96d5ac3a, 0x5ad6b472, 0xe8d3c48d, 0xf7960e44, 0xc3eb9e15, 0xf59c66fb, 0x28517711, 0x379d5862, 0xa8b6e37e, 0x69852dfd, 0x5bbef7dd, 0x3e350a44, 0xd29be463, 0xf8721671, 0xe1b00428, 0×011a1d4b, 0xa08839e1, 0xcf0111c3, 0×0339c32a, 0xf2d519ff, 0xfae59361, 0x10d25065, 0x9f1f9532, 0xc5be7120, 0xe54cda54, 0x848fd2c5, 0xacf08162, 0x4c50901b, 0xc9aa53fd, 0xb6cbcf7c, 0xba38209c, 0x7aaaf9b0, 0x90d4f869, 0x578fdfe3, 0x6a366eb4, 0x5748ab2f, 0x468dde7d, 0xd5730a1d, 0xbe5ee304, 0xa1fad5f0, 0x43242ef6, 0xa51e03aa, 0xba645bd6, 0x2826a2f9, 0xf752f7da, 0x3f046f69, 0x3b3ee593, 0xe990fd5a, 0×017da67d, 0xd1cf3ed6, 0x5a88f54c, 0xe029ac71, 0x283b57cc, 0xf8d56629, 0xe3d35e8c, 0x15056dd4, 0x3c9057a2, 0x97271aec, 0x26dcf319, 0x7533d928, 0xc20ad9f8, 0xabcc5167, 0x9320f991, 0xea7a90c2, 0xc3293d46, 0x48de5369, 0×09072166, 0xb39a460a, 0x1b588d40, 0xccd2017f, 0xbcb4cdd5, 0x72eacea8, 0x542f5d9e, 0xaec2771b, 0xaf537d5d, 0x4040cb08, 0x95983a1d, 0×06b89fb4, 0x277227f8, 0x611560b1, 0x51ce794b, 0x2f32c9b7, 0xa1e8aac7, 0x1a908749, 0xc6913667, 0x8df9317c, 0x27d9459c, 0xbf97222c, 0xceb69ceb, 0xc2a86459, 0xcb03a442, 0xe0ec6e0e, 0xe0d392df, 0xd3a0342b, 0xc37632d8, 0xdf359f8d, 0x1edad891, 0xce6279cf, 0xf6fb2299, 0xf523f357, 0x5a75ebb5, 0x6e163697, 0x71c65614, 0xe6c6c7bd, 0x62a80f00, 0xbb25bfe2, 0xcd769c2b, 0x53113ec0, 0xf746ce76, 0x77afa1c5, 0x4cf9aa7e, 0x1948c25c, 0xa65cdea0, 0x3f09252d, 0x3ac372e6}; 0xbc946e79, 0x4cd04dc6, 0x6a2d519a, 0x9cf2d0a4, 0xa73a3ae1, 0x77fa0a59, 0x9e34d797, 0x7c7d2d28, 0xe019a5e6, 0x79132e28, 0x88f46dba, 0xa93a072a, 0xb155fdf5, 0xccad925f, 0xfb3e7bce, 0x6413e680, 0x6445c0dd, 0x6bb4e3bb, 0xfa6484bb, 0xf64e6370, 0x4eb4e2cc, 0xce6ea048, 0xe7933fdc, 0xa01fbac9, 0xd44fbd9a, 0xe0b12b4f, 0x15e6fc2a, 0x12baa8d1, 0x1698db3b, 0x8971f21e, 0x9b992f2e, 0xcd3e7e6f, 0xa6327623, 0x88d273cc, 0x327a140a, 0x35bdd2f6, 0x1640e3d3, 0x20756060, 0×02fb8a8c, 0xc208e69f, /* Initialize s–boxes without file read. */ for(i=0;i<256;i++){ c–>S[0][i] = c–>S[1][i] = c–>S[2][i] = c–>S[3][i] = } ks0[i]; ks1[i]; ks2[i]; ks3[i]; j = 0; for (i = 0; i < N + 2; ++i) { data = 0×00000000; for (k = 0; k < 4; ++k) { data = (data << 8) | key[j]; j = j + 1; if (j >= keybytes) { j = 0; } } c–>P[i] = c–>P[i] ^ data; } datal = 0×00000000; datar = 0×00000000; for (i = 0; i < N + 2; i += 2) { Blowfish_encipher(c,&ampdatal, &ampdatar); c–>P[i] = datal; c–>P[i + 1] = datar; } for (i = 0; i < 4; ++i) {...
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