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applied cryptography - protocols, algorithms, and source code in c

12311235 1344 os rothaus on bent functions journal

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Unformatted text preview: ementation of the Discrete Log Codebreaker,” ICPP 85, pp. 193–196. 1131. Y. Murakami and S. Kasahara, “An ID–Based Key Distribution Scheme,” IEICE Japan, Technical Report, ISEC90–26, 1990. 1132. S. Murphy, “The Cryptanalysis of FEAL–4 with 20 Chosen Plaintexts,” Journal of Cryptology, v. 2, n. 3, 1990, pp. 145–154. 1133. E.D. Myers, “STU–III—Multilevel Secure Computer Interface,” Proceedings of the Tenth Annual Computer Security Applications Conference, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1994, pp. 170–179. 1134. D. Naccache, “Can O.S.S. be Repaired? Proposal for a New Practical Signature Scheme,” Advances in Cryptology—EUROCRYPT ’93 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1994, pp. 233–239. 1135. D. Naccache, D. M’Ra•hi, D. Raphaeli, and S. Vaudenay, “Can D.S.A. be Improved? Complexity Trade–Offs with the Digital Signature Standard,” Advances in Cryptology—EUROCRYPT ’94 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1995, to appear. 1136. Y. Nakao, T. Kaneko, K. Koyama, and R. Terada, “A Study on the Security of RDES–1 Cryptosystem against Linear Cryptanalysis,” Proceedings of the 1995 Japan–Korea Workshop on Information Security and Cryptography, Inuyama, Japan, 24–27 Jan 1995, pp. 163–172. 1137. M. Naor, “Bit Commitment Using Pseudo–Randomness,” Advances in Cryptology—CRYPTO ’89 Proceedings., Springer–Verlag, 1990, pp. 128–136. 1138. M. Naor and M. Yung, “Universal One–Way Hash Functions and Their Cryptographic Application,” Proceedings of the 21st Annual ACM Symposium on the Theory of Computing, 1989, pp. 33–43. 1139. National Bureau of Standards, “Report of the Workshop on Estimation of Significant Advances in Computer Technology,” NBSIR76–1189, National Bureau of Standards, U.S. Department of Commerce, 21–22 Sep 1976, Dec 1977. 1140. National Bureau of Standards, NBS FIPS PUB 46, “Data Encryption Standard,” National Bureau of Standards, U.S. Department of Commerce, Jan 1977. 1141. National Bureau of Standards, NBS FIPS PUB 46–1, “Data Encryption Standard,” U.S. Depar...
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