applied cryptography - protocols, algorithms, and source code in c

20 addisonwesley 1983 971 r lidl and h niederreiter

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Unformatted text preview: ur Three–Headed Dog,” Document Number IAG–90–011, Hewlett–Packard, May 1990. 782. T. Jin, “Living with Your Three–Headed Dog,” Document Number IAG–90–012, Hewlett–Packard, May 1990. 783. A. Jiwa, J. Seberry, and Y. Zheng, “Beacon Based Authentication,” Computer Security—ESORICS 94, Springer–Verlag, 1994, pp. 125–141. 784. D.B. Johnson, G.M. Dolan, M.J. Kelly, A.V. Le, and S.M. Matyas, “Common Cryptographic Architecture Cryptographic Application Programming Interface,” IBM Systems Journal, v. 30, n. 2, 1991, pp. 130–150. 785. D.B. Johnson, S.M. Matyas, A.V. Le, and J.D. Wilkins, “Design of the Commercial Data Masking Facility Data Privacy Algorithm,” 1st ACM Conference on Computer and Communications Security, ACM Press, 1993, pp. 93–96. 786. J.P. Jordan, “A Variant of a Public–Key Cryptosystem Based on Goppa Codes,” Sigact News, v. 15, n. 1, 1983, pp. 61–66. 787. A. Joux and L. Granboulan, “A Practical Attack Against Knapsack Based Hash Functions,” Advances in Cryptology—EUROCRYPT ’94 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1995, to appear. 788. A. Joux and J. Stern, “Cryptanalysis of Another Knapsack Cryptosystem,” Advances in Cryptology—ASIACRYPT ’91 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1993, pp. 470–476. 789. R.R. Jueneman, “Analysis of Certain Aspects of Output–Feedback Mode,” Advances in Cryptology: Proceedings of Crypto 82, Plenum Press, 1983, pp. 99–127. 790. R.R. Jueneman, “Electronic Document Authentication,” IEEE Network Magazine, v. 1, n. 2, Apr 1978, pp. 17–23. 791. R.R. Jueneman, “A High Speed Manipulation Detection Code,” Advances in Cryptology—CRYPTO ’86 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1987, pp. 327–346. 792. R.R. Jueneman, S.M. Matyas, and C.H. Meyer, “Message Authentication with Manipulation Detection Codes,” Proceedings of the 1983 IEEE Computer Society Symposium on Research in Security and Privacy, 1983, pp. 733–54. 793. R.R. Jueneman, S.M. Matyas, and C.H. Meyer, “Mess...
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