applied cryptography - protocols, algorithms, and source code in c

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Unformatted text preview: e, “Method of Providing Digital Signatures,” U.S. Patent #4,309,569, 5 Jan 1982. 1067. R.C. Merkle, “A Digital Signature Based on a Conventional Encryption Function,” Advances in Cryptology—CRYPTO ’87 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1988, pp. 369–378. 1068. R.C. Merkle, “A Certified Digital Signature,” Advances in Cryptology—CRYPTO ’89 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1990, pp. 218–238. 1069. R.C. Merkle, “One Way Hash Functions and DES,” Advances in Cryptology—CRYPTO ’89 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1990, pp. 428–446. 1070. R.C. Merkle, “A Fast Software One–Way Hash Function,” Journal of Cryptology, v. 3, n. 1, 1990, pp. 43–58. 1071. R.C. Merkle, “Fast Software Encryption Functions,” Advances in Cryptology—CRYPTO ’90 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1991, pp. 476–501. 1072. R.C. Merkle, “Method and Apparatus for Data Encryption,” U.S. Patent #5,003,597, 26 Mar 1991. 1073. R.C. Merkle, personal communication, 1993. 1074. R.C. Merkle and M. Hellman, “Hiding Information and Signatures in Trapdoor Knapsacks,” IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, v. 24, n. 5, Sep 1978, pp. 525–530. 1075. R.C. Merkle and M. Hellman, “On the Security of Multiple Encryption,” Communications of the ACM, v. 24, n. 7, 1981, pp. 465–467. 1076. M. Merritt, “Cryptographic Protocols,” Ph.D. dissertation, Georgia Institute of Technology, GIT–ICS–83/6, Feb 1983. 1077. M. Merritt, “Towards a Theory of Cryptographic Systems: A Critique of Crypto–Complexity,” Distributed Computing and Cryptography, J. Feigenbaum and M. Merritt, eds., American Mathematical Society, 1991, pp. 203–212. 1078. C.H. Meyer, “Ciphertext/Plaintext and Ciphertext/Key Dependencies vs. Number of Rounds for Data Encryption Standard,” AFIPS Conference Proceedings, 47, 1978, pp. 1119–1126. 1079. C.H. Meyer, “Cryptography—A State of the Art Review,” Proceedings of Compeuro ’89, VLSI and Computer Peripherals, 3rd Annual European Compu...
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