applied cryptography - protocols, algorithms, and source code in c

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Unformatted text preview: rogress of Research in Cryptography, Rome: Fondazone Ugo Bordoni, 1993, pp. 35–54. 1469. G.J. Simmons, “Subliminal Communication is Easy Using the DSA,” Advances in Cryptology—EUROCRYPT ’93 Proceedings, Springer–Verlag, 1994, pp. 218–232. 1470. G.J. Simmons, “An Introduction to the Mathematics of Trust in Security Protocols,” Proceedings: Computer Security Foundations Workshop VI, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1993, pp. 121–127. 1471. G.J. Simmons, “Protocols that Ensure Fairness,” Codes and Ciphers, Institute of Mathematics and its Applications, 1995, pp. 383–394. 1472. G.J. Simmons, “Cryptanalysis and Protocol Failures,” Communications of the ACM, v. 37, n. 11, Nov 1994, pp. 56–65. 1473. G.J. Simmons, “Subliminal Channels: Past and Present,” European Transactions on Telecommuncations, v. 4, n. 4, Jul/Aug 1994, pp. 459–473. 1474. G.J. Simmons and M.J. Norris, How to Cipher Fast Using Redundant Number Systems, SAND–80–1886, Sandia National Laboratories, Aug 1980. 1475. A. Sinkov, Elementary Cryptanalysis, Mathematical Association of America, 1966. 1476. R. Siromoney and L. Matthew, “A Public Key Cryptosystem Based on Lyndon Words,” Information Processing Letters, v. 35, n. 1, 15 Jun 1990, pp. 33–36. 1477. B. Smeets, “A Note on Sequences Generated by Clock–Controlled Shift Registers,” Advances in Cryptology—EUROCRYPT ’85, Springer–Verlag, 1986, pp. 40–42. 1478. M.E. Smid, “A Key Notarization System for Computer Networks,” NBS Special Report 500–54, U.S. Department of Commerce, Oct 1979. 1479. M.E. Smid, “The DSS and the SHS,” Federal Digital Signature Applications Symposium, Rockville, MD, 17–18 Feb 1993. 1480. M.E. Smid and D.K. Branstad, “The Data Encryption Standard: Past and Future,” Proceedings of the IEEE, v. 76, n. 5., May 1988, pp. 550–559. 1481. M.E. Smid and D.K. Branstad, “The Data Encryption Standard: Past and Future,” in Contemporary Cryptology: The Science of Information Integrity, G.J. Simmons, ed., IEEE Press, 1992, pp. 43–64. 1482. J.L. Smith, “The Design of Lucifer, A Cryptographic Device for Data Communications,” IBM Research Report RC3326, 1971. 1483. J.L. Smith, “Recirculating Block Cipher Cryptographic System,” U.S. Patent #3,796,830, 12 Mar 1974. 1484. J.L. Smith, W.A. Notz, and P.R. Osseck, “An Experimental Application of Cryptography to a Remotely Accessed Data System,” Proceedings of the ACM Annual Conference, Aug 1972, pp...
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