applied cryptography - protocols, algorithms, and source code in c

Montgomerys method 244 prime numbers 245 quadratic

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Unformatted text preview: 003,596, 26 Mar 1991. 1615. M.C. Wood, personal communication, 1993. 1616. C.K. Wu and X.M. Wang, “Determination of the True Value of the Euler Totient Function in the RSA Cryptosystem from a Set of Possibilities,” Electronics Letters, v. 29, n. 1, 7 Jan 1993, pp. 84–85. 1617. M.C. Wunderlich, “Recent Advances in the Design and Implementation of Large Integer Factorization Algorithms,” Proceedings of 1983 Symposium on Security and Privacy, IEEE Computer Society Press, 1983, pp. 67–71. 1618. Xerox Network System (XNS) Authentication Protocol, XSIS 098404, Xerox Corporation, Apr 1984. 1619. Y.Y. Xian, “New Public Key Distribution System,” Electronics Letters, v. 23, n. 11, 1987, pp. 560–561. 1620. L.D. Xing and L.G. Sheng, “Cryptanalysis of New Modified Lu–Lee Cryptosystems,” Electronics Letters, v. 26, n. 19, 13 Sep 1990, p. 1601–1602. 1621. W. Xinmei, “Digital Signature Scheme Based on Error–Correcting Codes,” Electronics Letters, v. 26, n. 13, 21 Jun 1990, p. 898–899. 1622. S.B. Xu, D.K. He, and X.M. Wang, “An Implementation of the GSM General Data Encryption Algorithm A5,” CHINACRYPT ’94, Xidian, China, 11–15 Nov 1994, pp. 287–291. (In Chinese.) 1623. M. Yagisawa, “A New Method for Realizing Public–Key Cryptosystem,” Cryptologia, v. 9, n. 4, Oct 1985, pp. 360–380. 1624. C.H. Yang, “Modular Arithmetic Algorithms for Smart Cards,” IEICE Japan, Technical Report, ISEC92–16, 1992. 1625. C.H. Yang and H. Morita, “An Efficient Modular–Multiplication Algorithm for Smart–Card Software Implementation,” IEICE Japan, Technical Report, ISEC91–58, 1991. 1626. J.H. Yang, K.C. Zeng, and Q.B. Di, “On the Construction of Large S–Boxes,” CHINACRYPT ’94, Xidian, China, 11–15 Nov 1994, pp. 24–32. (In Chinese.) 1627. A.C.–C. Yao, “Protocols for Secure Computations,” Proceedings of the 23rd IEEE Symposium on the Foundations of Computer Science, 1982, pp. 160–164. 1628. B. Yee, “Using Secure Coprocessors,” Ph.D. dissertation, School of Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University, May 1994. 1629. S.–M. Yen, “Design and Computation of Public Key Cryptosystems,” Ph.D. dissertation, National Cheng Hung University, Apr 1994. 1630. S.–M. Yen and C.–S. Lai, “New Digital Signature Scheme Based on the Discrete Logarithm,” Electronics Letters, v. 29, n. 12, 1993, pp. 1120–1121. 1631. K. Yiu and K. Peterson, “A Single–Chip VLSI Implementation of the Discrete Expon...
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