applied cryptography - protocols, algorithms, and source code in c

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Unformatted text preview: ect to public examination. Not all public key systems provide for this same type of examination. The integrity of any information security system requires attention to proper implementation. With the myriad of vulnerabilities possible given the differences among users, NSA has traditionally insisted on centralized trusted centers as a way to minimize risk to the system. While we have designed technical modifications to the DSS to meet NIST’s requests for a more decentralized approach, we still would emphasize that portion of the Federal Register notice for the DSS which states: “While it is the intent of this standard to specify general security requirements for generating digital signatures, conformance to this standard does not assure that a particular implementation is secure. The responsible authority in each agency or department shall assure that an overall implementation provides an acceptable level of security. NIST will be working with government users to ensure appropriate implementations.” Finally, we have read all the arguments purporting insecurities with the DSS, and we remain unconvinced of their validity. The DSS has been subjected to intense evaluation within NSA which led to its being endorsed by our Director of Information Systems Security for use in signing unclassified data processed in certain intelligence systems and even for signing classified data in selected systems. We believe that this approval speaks to the lack of any credible attack on the integrity provided by the DSS given proper use and implementation. Based on the technical and security requirements of the U.S. government for digital signatures, we believe the DSS is the best choice. In fact, the DSS is being used in a pilot project for the Defense Message System to assure the authenticity of electronic messages of vital command and control information. This initial demonstration includes participation from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the military services, and Defense Agencies and is being done in cooperation with NIST. I’m not going to comment on the trustworthiness of...
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