applied cryptography - protocols, algorithms, and source code in c

Since the subliminal messages are hidden in what

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Unformatted text preview: of hash values whose leaves are all the requests received during a given second, and sends back to each requester the list of hash values hanging off the path from its leaf to the root of the tree. The client software stores this locally, and can issue a Digital Notary “certificate” for any file that has been certified. The sequence of roots of these trees comprises the “Universal Validation Record” that will be available electronically at multiple repository sites (and also published on CD-ROM). The client software also includes a “validate” function, allowing the user to test whether a file has been certified in exactly its current form (by querying a repository for the appropriate tree root and comparing it against a hash value appropriately recomputed from the file and its certificate). For information contact Surety Technologies, 1 Main St., Chatham, NJ, 07928; (201) 701-0600; Fax: (201) 701-0601. 4.2 Subliminal Channel Alice and Bob have been arrested and are going to prison. He’s going to the men’s prison and she’s going to the women’s prison. Walter, the warden, is willing to let Alice and Bob exchange messages, but he won’t allow them to be encrypted. Walter expects them to coordinate an escape plan, so he wants to be able to read everything they say. Walter also hopes to deceive either Alice or Bob. He wants one of them to accept a fraudulent message as a genuine message from the other. Alice and Bob go along with this risk of deception, otherwise they cannot communicate at all, and they have to coordinate their plans. To do this they have to deceive the warden and find a way of communicating secretly. They have to set up a subliminal channel, a covert communications channel between them in full view of Walter, even though the messages themselves contain no secret information. Through the exchange of perfectly innocuous signed messages they will pass secret information back and forth and fool Walter, even though Walter is watching all the communications....
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