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Ashlee Naccarato 3/2/10 Response Paper Eating Disorders The tragedy of eating disorders is a widely spread epidemic that affects, usually, many young girls and women around the world. The severity of this disorder can cause physical, mental, and emotional pain, and also death. There are a number of reasons for eating disorders to occur, which affect girls in numerous ways that cause them to become anemic, bulimic, binge eaters, or to have compulsive dieting/exercising abnormalities. In the article I have read, “A Way Outa No Way: Eating Problems Among African-American, Latina, and White Women,” by Becky Thompson, she explains that women are obsessed with the ideal of being thin and that is the only way they will make it and be accepted in this society and culture. She interviewed 18 women which included 5 who were African-American, 5 Latinas, and 8 white women, with 12 identifying as lesbian and the rest heterosexual. Before she heard their responses, she had thought that the thinness ideal was the only reason for eating disorders. Thompson began exploring these women’s explanations by directing asking them what had caused their eating disorder. She found that 11 of the 18 women were victims of sexual abuse and the way they coped with it was by binging. Most of the women coped with it this way. Food was like a drug to them – they had to have it and made them really good after. It was always accessible and it numbed out their feelings. One woman in the group, Antonia, was a binger because she did not care to be thin and didn’t understand the reason to try and be a small size like other girls. According to Thompson, she said that women with eating disorders are obsessed with the thinness ideal. Antonia does not fit this criteria - she rejects it - therefore, she
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does not support Thompson’s assertion. There are so many other reasons why women become anorexic/bulimic. Another group member, Ruthie, was also sexually abused, but fought against the battle with bulimia. Her mother did not want skinny children, as she was of Puerto Rican heritage, and took numerous attempts to try and get her to gain weight. Even after puberty, she only weighed 100 pounds. Feeling fat all the time, she began to make herself throw up, after seeing it in a movie. She wanted to be the little girl she was before the abuse started. She felt as
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Eating Disorders - Ashlee Naccarato 3/2/10 Response Paper...

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