Feminism - Ashlee Naccarato Response Paper Feminism The...

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Unformatted text preview: Ashlee Naccarato 2/15/10 Response Paper Feminism The fear of feminism is very much so spread throughout the world. Most women would not label themselves as feminists. They assume that being a feminist will categorize their selves as “lesbian” or “man-hater”, but, they are wrong. A number of women in America often say something like “I’m not a feminist, but of course I believe in equal rights for men and women, and equal pay for equal work”. What is a feminist? What is feminism? The published definition of feminism states that it is a doctrine that advocates or demands the same right to be granted for women (and vice versa) and is a worldwide movement to end sexism. These women are speaking on behalf of their own contradiction without even knowing it. This definition clearly states what many women are saying. There are many other aspects of feminism, which include the liberal and radical perspective, but being a feminist does not imply you have to follow a certain view, being a feminist can be defined in so many different ways. The reason why American women choose to distance themselves from feminism has a number of explanations. The myths and images portrayed by labeling yourself as a feminist are harsh and not t rue. Some include that they are angry, whiny women who have no sense of humor and hate men/want to be like men. Those are just a few. The stereotypes are not true, and do not apply to every men....
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Feminism - Ashlee Naccarato Response Paper Feminism The...

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