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The Circulatory System Go over: blood clotting open circulatory system open circulatory system: extracellular fluid mixes with interstitial fluid (continuous fluid), no vessels, movement of the organism moves the fluid, less efficient than a closed system closed closed closed circulatory system: circulatory system: circulatory system: blood is kept separate from interstitial fluid, fast specific transport, blood is pumped by the heart Blood flow Blood flow Blood flow outline outline outline: (see next page) (see next page) (see next page) Aorta (high bp) -> Artery -> Arterioles (bp decreases, highly branched) -> capillaries (one cell thich for gas exchange, single celled, huge surface area) => Venules -> Veins -> Superior/ Inferior Vena Cava -> Right Atrium -> Right Ventricle -> Pulmonary Artery -> Lungs (exchange CO2 for O2) -> Pulmonary Vein -> Left Atrium -> Left Ventricle -> Aorta *** valves in the heart prevent back flow
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