Unit 4study guide - Unit 4 - Reform and Culture Chapter 13...

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Unit 4 -- Reform and Culture Chapter 13 1. Explain the corrupt bargain in the Presidential election of 1824. The corrupt bargain is when john Q. and Henry clay worked together so Andrew Jackson would lose the election 2. Describe the character traits of JQ Adams. Was he right for the office of President? Why/why not? John Quincy Adams was a very well educated man. Yes because he was qualified for the job but not a people person and not a great leader. 3. Who are the candidates of the Presidential election of 1828? Andrew Jackson. JQ Adams. Crawford 4. What are the character traits of Andrew Jackson? Lived out west and was orphaned as a child. Did not have a college education, also he was a war Hero in the Battle for New Orleans. He also appealed to the common people (The Mob) and was a great leader. 5. Explain the spoils system and how it contributes to harsh feelings. When a president goes into office he is allowed to change positions and those positions pick their friends and etc. But Andrew Jackson put all of his friends in office and eventually led to his “downfall” 6. Tariff issues: a. Tariff of 1824 Economic south struggles extremely tariff perceived as stepping stone for the abolition of slavery b. Tariff of 1828 (Tariff of Abominations) SC perceived it as Null and void. SC threatens to leave the Union and Jackson invades SC. Senator Henry Clay proposed a compromise; the tariff would drop each year.
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Unit 4study guide - Unit 4 - Reform and Culture Chapter 13...

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