Week 5 - Week 5 Running head: WEEK 5 1 Week 5 Tom Seely...

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Week 5 1 Running head: WEEK 5 Week 5 Tom Seely University of Phoenix
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Week 5 With the upgrading of communication systems there is a new issue that ABC Company should be aware of. Ethical problems may arise from upgrading to newer technology and should be addressed once the system is installed and ready to use. Most systems require some form of user based knowledge training, but it is recommended to also provide ethical training and guidelines in the use of the newer communication system established by ABC Company. This type of training provides the employee’s a better understanding of the guidelines and the proper use of ABC’s technology. The training generally outlines the use of the Internet is for business only and should not be for personal use. This ensures no viruses are attached to files when an employee opens an e-mail as well as keep productivity on course. ABC has the final say in the use of the communication system and can establish a guideline for users as the company desires. Other issues companies have experienced in the past when introducing newer technology
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Week 5 - Week 5 Running head: WEEK 5 1 Week 5 Tom Seely...

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