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Unformatted text preview: Sources and Uses of Many Edible By—products D. E. Eversole Beef extract consists of concentrated cooking water from heating beef for canning. This liquid usually is concentrated by evaporation under vacuum to about 20 percent moisture and. on cooling forms a pasty solid. It. is a major ingredient in bouillon cubes and broth and is used for flavoring gravies. It is not produced generally in the United States, but is made primarily in South America in the course of roducin‘ canned beef. . of lambs, calves, and turkeys are sold fresh or frozen. When cooked they commonly are known as “fries” or "mountain oysters." is used as a component of blood sausage. Special hygienic precautions must be taken when it is collected for edible use. Ultrafiltration processes have been used to recover proteins from both plasma and cellular components of blood. These blood proteins have many otential uses as binders in sausa e and other food roducts. is obtained from the first (ruined) and second (reticulum) stomach compartments of cattle. It is consumed as a variety meat and used in some sausages. Pig stomachs also are processed for use as ingredients in some sausages. The Pennsylvania Dutch use cleaned pig stomachs as meat containers for delectable “filled ni - stomachs“ or “how maws.” C hitter-linger are made from thoroughly cleaned and cooked intestines of pigs, and consumed as a variety meat. . Cheek and head are commonly used in manufacture of various sausages. trimmin 'S ' Brains which are regarded as a delicacy by some people. are distributed to consumers in either chilled. frozen. or canned form. are used fresh. cured and smoked. canned, or as ingredients in sausage. Sheep and pork tongues may be used. fi'esh, but they are most commonly used in making other processed Tripe cqf'tongnes Kidneys are used fresh, or they may be frozen for meat trade. However. they are more commonly used as an in edient in ct food. are used fresh. frozen. or as an in - redient in recessed luncheon meats. Live; sausa es. Kosher st le liver sausages include only beef or lamb liver. Gelatin is made by heating collagen-rich connective tissues. such as pork skins, calfskins. and bone, products including ice cream. The pharmaceutical industry uses gelatin in making such meat items. Pork tongues must be scalded before use because of potential contamination are thymus glands obtained from the ventral side of the neck and inside the chest cavity of is used fresh. frozen. or as an ingredient in liver sausages or other processed luncheon meats. in hot water. Gelatin is used in manufacture of other processed meats; and it is used widely items as capsules, ointments, cosmetics. and emulsions. Gelatin also is used in manufacture durinur ho scaldin and dehairin calves or youn- cattle. The are used fresh or frozen. Comparatively more beef liver is used Fresh. whereas more pork liver is used in making ma be -resented for retail sale as “melts.” or used for manufacturino net and mink foods. in gelatin desserts. consommés, marshmallows, candies. bakery products, and various dairy of hoto ' rahic films. met, and textiles. ...
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