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When%20is%20a%20cow%20more%20than%20a%20cow - W When is a...

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Unformatted text preview: W When is a cow more than a cow? When it provides for the good life. Beet‘btnproducrs enable its tn use 00“.. or every beetnnitnul. ' ill/hen ”’5 A Meal Most people usuulh' think of heel-us :1 hernhurger. stesil; . .r \lolici. -us Ti!.'i.\[ ior ti satistving and nutritious meal. There are other edible. parts in addition to the pn‘ltein'pucked and mineral-rich muscle. The \ urierr meats such :is liver. hcztrt. tonmtc. kidnevs and swembreuds :ire ilN a few of the tastr alternatives used in gourmet dishes. But there are some edible products that .irc not so I‘l.‘\'lflu.\'. Did you know that the gelatins in products suth .is ice credm :ind roeutt :-'il't‘.‘ madc- from the bi was of the cow.‘ Take :1 look .~u some basic edible bi' -pr. kllicrs: Collagen—based Gelatin Blood Sausage casing-t ice cream Blood sausage Fatty acid-basad Yogurt Pt.'itein extracts Oleo mntenrine L‘nnd ies Plasma Protein Cake l'llth'\ lmitntion SC:Ifi"‘ULl l‘.istn Deep-in“ butte 1’s Oleo shortening Chewing gum Flaw stings .\l.'1rsl‘un:illows L\li.ll,‘L-.ll111.il‘il;' Even inedible lit-products «:niihcei‘crirtle :i re used to feed other :‘llii’ metls. Fleet tut. protein and bone meals nre used in feed for poulttr. pork. duin' cattle and doiiiesticrited i‘ish. Now that's t'ood :1 if thought! When "’5 A Household “What do cows have to do with me.‘ 1 don't hare one in mt back- vurd!" This might l‘c \‘iJlil’ first reaction to the statement above. However. items manufactured from inedible beet'hv-products surround .us in out driilv environments. The soup mu washed rout {rice with his morning. the baseball equipment in the closet. even the sheet roclt in he wul ls ol‘vour home — :ill of these contain br—products! How munv otthese :ire ti prur- ot'vour eterr day life.1 From hair Artist's paint brushes Textiles Pet foods t‘mm fats/fatty acids St. protein meals lizli'ltlici Hoot was From gelatin inellophune Horse 61 ll\'r.'n!'ut_k Plii'li’figi'llpl'ilc i’llli‘: lt‘fmmii;\ reeds Phonogruphic E‘Wimen" From collagenvhased records Lifli‘t‘ins . -. . . 1 1 . . “dhwl‘e” From huiwesét l EOL 0mm:- B'in'lif'fi L‘eteruent \" “T I horns . 1T3 . Wallpaper Tortoise shell inac‘LLlLixlU‘v Sheet rock C b‘ insulation, A . . . ”m T . - , Elm“ boards lmitntionwtm- Linoleum mm“. _ 1 - . " Pinnt'ikers leriumes F 0 h'd . r m i PHII‘lLS l l e t' . q . , Plusrics .Lal.’ liver spot ln~__ " \ U ‘i W < bhoe L..re;uu " " ‘ ' Luggage Flizix'ine Creum i Mi“ When It’s A Pharmacy The medicul world Also relies on mum hr—products For the phrirmtt- :euticzil wonders it pmduccs and uses. Cattle have great similarities In i'll'gi'ii'iif chemical structure to humans. flur bodies will easilt accept .1 medication or treatment mode with these :inimal components. Some of these products CFil‘i he synthesind. but munr he still nude from beef Bot its St shoes Jnimuls because tl'iev are used in iul‘flcn', rcscurcl‘i or routine hmilrh cnre. From the pancreas Blood plasma: Fraction l — hemophil in non \'— kills viruses Id .ilbutnin — RH Fuctor trpes Thrombin -— blood cougulunt iron — anemia From the hone Bone. marrow —-- blood disorder; Flor-r t‘nrti-lJee -— plastic surgery Bone ntetil — calcium &. phosphorus source From the spinal cord Cholesterol — hormone products From the intestines .\ ledicnl sutures From the liver Hepurin — .uui-corieuliint ' Liver extract — Trt'HimL‘iu ot'anemin \'it.unin Bl: — prevention i it' BIL-.1 unplcx deiictencies From the pituitarv gland Porliictin —— promotes lactation . Pres-sot hormone —— reeulutes blood pressure \usopresun --— controls inl'i‘itit‘ml Se. renal timetr'nns ACTH —- :‘irthritis St allergies When it Gets Us There Bivproducts are used in :il] trpes of mechanical items to get us where we nre L"! ling. ljheuiicul mmutlicturers use numerous Fatty acids from inedible beef fats and proteins for all sorts of luhricants and fluids. .-\ntiftee:e contriins glvcetol derived from i'ut‘ri‘ .icids to keep rout car running cool. Tires have stentic acid which makes the rubber hold its shupc under L'\ >nrinuous surface friction. Lillie from colloidal proteins has been used in nutmnobile hodies. Even the asphalt on our roudii'urs has .i binding, agent From tat. Some other unusual but necessary products from cattle sources: ...._ Hrdmulic brake fluid ..._ Airplane lubricants 8L runway foum ~— '\':iriou.s machine oils 8i viscous fluids — Steel bull hearings cl intuiziing bone charcoal — Cur polishes 6L waxes — Textiles for car upholstery So. when is :i cow more than u cow? W'henevcr we depend on its renewable resources to he part fit-E110 world that helps us. The folloii'ing poem was sent to me by Lucian lY'clrjt. it nus ii‘ritren hr lI lonyrz'mecntrle hrecderfrom Nfll'fl‘i'lih'd. i thought you might enjtn- it. A Thumbnail Sketch of the Beetc Breed lij.‘ Leland Hennim When Noah let the gangplunk down. and they walked off two l'W no I. There was some disagreetmnt. :th nut what cows were nmde to do. Some said thev were for iniikinu. others said. to pull a plow. But utter eating fish for 40 din-s. some. said. let's eat them now. A committee then was put to in Irlt. to try and build an . ix. Some thought thev should he small enough. to lit into :i hos". While others said. to pull :1 cart — thev should be tall and leun. While. those that went to bulll'ights. preferred them to he merin. Now this ox that“. the committee built was sure an awesome beast. He was something like it dinosaur. to stir the very least. 3o Iht.’\' went buck to the drawing.r board to add some more detziil. Thcv've added these ingredients — this time they must not fail. This time ther hid the secret. “it's the color otthe hnir." lust add .1 little this and that. then rou mix it up with care. There wus erervthing [l'iEV looked for. it perfect witches brew. Thev mixed in some ingredients. that i sure wish that I knew. But alas. poor scientist, i'ou've been looking through a crack. The answer isn‘t simplr. tn'ing to mulce all lireeds' color: black. (Ionic out and see the sunshine. it is -:i bright and glorious dzw. \Y-Ie'i'c iound a breed (ti-cutth- that has proved it's here to stay. Tlic‘,‘ have everything we‘re looking for. fantastic to he seen. Adaptable through all the world. they‘re :1 perfect heet'mwchine. Wherever there :ire cattle. Hll across- this glorious Lind. Be it vallc‘cs lush with ereenerv. or dry and sl'iit'tini‘.’ sand. Where Cili‘li‘crtlng grass and rouuhzige is the purpose of the uumc. This is -.‘i breed otcntrle. that is adding honors to its name. So everyone go iducmg beet. go t'orth HnCl spread the weird, it has been .iround for algefi. it's the breed called Herc-tired. ...
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