Math 135 Course Outline

Math 135 Course Outline - MATH 135 ALGEBRA FALL 2008...

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Unformatted text preview: MATH 135 ALGEBRA FALL 2008 Section Time Location Instructor Office Phone email LEC 001 10:30 MWF STJ 2009 S. Furino STJ 1003 x28236 scfurino LEC 002 8:30 MWF DC 1351 I. VanderBurgh MC 5098 x32358 iwtvande LEC 003 9:30 MWF MC 2065 S. New MC 5163 x35554 snew LEC 004 10:30 MWF MC 2065 M. Eden MC 5102 x38510 mceden LEC 005 11:30 MWF MC 2065 E. Teske MC 4030 x33473 eteske LEC 006 1:30 MWF MC 2065 S. Furino MC 5095 x38672 scfurino LEC 007 2:30 MWF MC 2065 D. Leung MC 4036 x33604 wcleung LEC 008 12:30 MWF PHY 145 M. Rubinstein MC 5044 x36172 mrubinst LEC 009 11:30 MWF RCH 103 A. Childs MC 4031 x33481 amchilds Objective: The main objectives of MATH 135 are for students to learn about the basic ideas of algebra, to learn about the types of reasoning used in mathematics, and to enjoy doing mathematics. Prerequisites: 12U Calculus and Vectors, or equivalent. Textbook: An Introduction to Mathematical Thinking , by William Gilbert and Scott Vanstone. This is available in the bookstore. Website: Calculators: Only the calculators approved by the Faculty will be allowed on Midterm and Final Exams. See for more details. You must have a Pink Tie Sticker on your calculator to be allowed to use it on exams. Tutorials: These begin the week of Monday 15 September. It is important that you attend the tutorial listed on your own schedule. Review sessions for the Math Readiness Test will be held on Monday 08 September. There are some weeks where tutorials will change because of midterms or holidays. Check theSeptember....
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2010 for the course MATH 135 taught by Professor Andrewchilds during the Fall '08 term at Waterloo.

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Math 135 Course Outline - MATH 135 ALGEBRA FALL 2008...

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