Assignment 4 Question 1

Assignment 4 Question 1 - ) (define (my-cons? mlst) )...

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#lang scheme (provide my-cons my-first my-rest mlist-empty mlist-empty? my-cons? set-first! set- rest! print-mlist) (define-struct mt ()) (define mlist-empty (make-mt)) (define-struct kons (fbox rbox) #:transparent) (define (mlist-empty? mlst)
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Unformatted text preview: ) (define (my-cons? mlst) ) (define (my-cons v mlst) ) (define (my-first mlst) ) (define (my-rest mlst) ) (define (set-first! mlst v) ) (define (set-rest! mlst1 mlst2) ) (define (print-mlist mlst) )...
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