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STAT 230 Extra Problems 1. QuickWin lottery tickets cost $1.00 apiece and pay of instantly (in the amount oF $5.00) when the ticket is a winner. The makers oF QuickWin tickets claim that 1 in 10 tickets are winners. (a) Suppose you buy QuickWin tickets until you obtain 2 winners. Let W = your net winnings. ±ind E ( W ) and Var( W ) iF the probability p oF a winner is p =0 . 1 (as claimed by the makers). (b) Suppose you plan to visit 15 different retail outlets and, at each outlet, buy QuickWin tickets until you obtain 2 winners. Write down an expression For the probability that, at exactly 3 outlets, 14 or Fewer tickets will be required to obtain 2 winners, while exactly 2 outlets will require (eek!) 30 or more tickets to produce 2 winners. (c) Suppose the actual numerical results oF your experiment in visiting the 15 retail outlets produces the Following Frequency table: no. oF tickets required | Fewer than 12 | 12–15 | 16–19 | 20–23 | 24–27 | more than 27 Frequency (no. oF outlets) | 0 3354 0
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