Test 2 Ver B Solutions

Test 2 Ver B Solutions - University of Waterloo Stat 230...

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University of Waterloo Stat 230 Test #2 – Winter 2005 Version B Duration: 30 minutes Date: February 02 Allowable Aids: Non-programmable calculator Please circle your instructor/section. Your mark will not be recorded if you do not indicate your section. P. Balka/001 A. Khalili/002 C. Springer/003 R. Metzger/004 R.Metzger/005 Family Name: First Name: _ __ ID:_____________ Signature: ANGEL (UWdir) userid:__________________ This test has 3 pages including this cover page. The exam is graded out of 20 marks. Show your work! Your grade will be influenced by how clearly you express your ideas, and how well you organize your solutions. End of Test Procedure ( Please Read!!!!!!! ) : NOTE : Any infraction of the following rules will result in a deduction of marks from your test grade. Students are NOT allowed to leave their seat in the last 5 minutes of the quiz. All students will remain seated until ALL papers are collected and you are given permission to leave. NO TALKING is allowed at any time until all papers are collected. At the end of 30 minutes, the proctor will announce that the test is over and to stop writing. At this
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2010 for the course STAT 230 taught by Professor Various during the Fall '06 term at Waterloo.

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Test 2 Ver B Solutions - University of Waterloo Stat 230...

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