Capstone Checkpoint Week Nine

Capstone Checkpoint Week Nine - nothing that anyone can say...

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Capstone Checkpoint Week Nine Immigrant, nationality, and race, these are all words that have repeated throughout this class. I have known my nationality before I started this class, however the details that I have learn since started this class was not as much. I was great to hear about what my ancestries went through and even greater to know that they never gave up on that dream. Everyone in this beautiful country is an immigrant in one form or another. I think that this is what makes America such a beautiful place, every culture is in our own backyards. They only true way to prepare for Americas every-changing diversity is to learn to accept the changes that come with it. There is
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Unformatted text preview: nothing that anyone can say or do to prepare for that. We need to just accept a person for a person not a nationality or race. I think by 2050, America will be as colorful and beautiful as ever. America may need to grab a hold of illegal immigration, as well as fix a few minor details about it. There is one thing and one thing only that is for sure, the reason America is so beautiful and such a wonderful place to live is because of the people that live within. The different colors of the people that walk our streets make for a beautiful and lively picture for the entire world to see....
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