Checkpoint Defining Race and Ethnicity

Checkpoint Defining Race and Ethnicity - mother is Irish,...

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CheckPoint: Defining Race and Ethnicity I know that this can be a touchy subject for allot of people. I have found myself pondering on how it is I should answer these questions without anyone taking offence to it. So here is what I have come up with, in society’s eyes everyone is looked at by the color of their skin. I am not saying that this is right, but this is what happens. There are also many stereotypes out there about every race. So, the word race to me boils down to the color of someone’s skin, not the substance of the makeup. A person does not have to live up to the stereotypes of their race; they will always have the opportunity to do something about it and live their life to their own guidelines. To me ethnicity is ones heritage, like instants I am Irish, German, French, and Italian. My
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Unformatted text preview: mother is Irish, German and Italian, and my father is French and Italian. My maiden name is Prario; I have more Italian in my family then any of the other three ethnicities. So the word ethnicity to me means the region in which ones ancestors originated from. The reason that I believe these concepts are important to society, is because at some point we are all naive about someone different then us. Also this is the way that the government keeps track of the population throughout the United States. I have also noticed that when I look into schools in my district the school offers and pie chart of the race of the students and the number in which the different races are in rolled or transferred out. It all comes down to the way the government looks at each person or lack thereof....
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