Checkpoint Legislation Legacy

Checkpoint Legislation Legacy - Checkpoint: Legislation...

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Checkpoint: Legislation Legacy Countless issues that are important now and have been for several years, to this day, have not taken care of. One issue is between the Native Americans and the federal government this is the fight for their land, medical and the educational services for the tribal members. The Native Americans in the 1800’s gave most of their land to the federal government as an exchange for the promise that they could remain on the reservation land and have the trust upheld. The federal government has not been trustworthy with that responsibility thus far. The trust of the federal responsibility has the legal commitment made by the United States government to the Indian tribes where the Indian lands were ceded to the U.S. The commitment they made is codified in federal law, executive orders, judicial opinions, treaties, and the international doctrine. It can also be divided into three obligations: The protection of the Indian trust lands, protection of the tribal self-governance, and provision of basic social,
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Checkpoint Legislation Legacy - Checkpoint: Legislation...

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