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The Official Language Movement - have many foreigners...

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The Official Language Movement Bilingual education programs produce higher levels of student achievements in reading (pg. 243). Although, some people would prefer for their children to only speak, learn or know, English rather than open up their minds to any other languages. It is very important these days for children to know more than one language due to all of the immigrants migrating into our States. We have a very high percentage of Foreigner’s whom come into our Country, so I feel they should make a valid effort to learn our language and we should also be fair and try to learn theirs as well. I hope that the world is more open-minded these days because of the fact we do
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Unformatted text preview: have many foreigners around our community’s. Every parent should want the most for their children and be open enough to want other languages taught in their children’s schools, so they can grow and learn to be a more open person. Unfortunately, not everyone feels this way. It is known that in 2003, a survey was taken and 72% of Hispanics were supportive of Bilingual programs. (pg. 244). While in California, in 1997 voters supported proposition 227, making bilingual no longer aloud in public school’s anymore. (pg.244)....
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