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Journal Entry of a Subordinate Group Member: Irish-American (Your Name Here) February 27, 2008 Name of School Name of Class Name of Professor
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In the year, 1845 the Great Potato Famine began in my home country of Ireland (Killen, 1995). It was one of the most awful and dreadful things I have ever witnessed. Hundreds of thousands of people were dying, many of which I knew very well. I was a 17-year old girl at the time, pregnant, and newly married. My husband I knew that the only way we would live and be able to raise our baby would be to leave the country we loved so much – to leave the people we knew and the homes we lived in. My husband and I boarded a ship that was heading to Boston. They told us that we were going to the land of opportunity, and I have to admit, we were actually anxious to witness this new destination. We were lucky and made it over before the cost of tickets went up. I wasn’t sure exactly where it was, but I knew it was supposed to be huge. As soon as we arrived, my husband and I started
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2009-02-27_220845_JournalEntry - Journal Entry of a...

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