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Capstone CheckPoint COM - myself scrambling to make sure I...

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Capstone CheckPoint For a student starting this course, I would tell them that writepoint is their friend. And that they did to remember that this is a college course and it needs to be treated like one. They should make sure everything they turn in is worthy of this class. And that if they do not understand something that they should defiantly take the time to ask the instructor any questions or concerns that they may have. If I knew then what I know now I would, ask more questions and pay better attention to my syllabus. There were assignments that had a few questions that were in the syllabus but not in the appendix, I would make sure to look at the information over again before I turned anything in. I would focus more on my final research paper because the end of the course comes fast. I found
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Unformatted text preview: myself scrambling to make sure I had all the information that I needed for the final assignment. This made it that much harder for me to make sure I turned in 100% on my homework. I do not believe there is anything I would focus less on. I think that if you are going to go to college one needs to put there all into every piece of work they have to do. I turn to be the best I can, so if I were to say there was something I would have liked to focus less on. It would be like saying I should have only done have of that assignment instead of wasting my time. That is not something that I want to tell my daughter I did to get through college. I want to be able to tell her that, yes it was hard. But I got through it and gave it my all, so can you....
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