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Capstone Discussion Question: How has the information presented in this course influenced your thoughts about your career path? What insights or reactions do you have concerning what you now know about the field of business? I have always been interested in business and this class and the teacher has just influenced that decision even more. Taking this course has helped me to better understand the things that I thought I already knew. I feel that at the end I can walk away with a better know how of the
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Unformatted text preview: things that makes a business run smoothly. I found the history part of this course to be very insightful. There were thing I did not know anything about until I read about them in this class and researching it further. I have truly enjoyed doing the PowerPoints presentation. I felt that in looking for some of the graphics I was able to learn more than just what the chapter where talking about. I am looking forward to the business classes I have in the future! =)...
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