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Checkpoint Research Paper Revision

Checkpoint Research Paper Revision - me by the writepoint...

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Checkpoint Research Paper Revision Week Eight I plan to incorporate all of the feedback that I have received; I have found all of it useful in one way or another. From my instructor I was told that my introduction and conclusion needs to be worked on. That I need to make my work sound more like the topic that I have chosen. This is very true, and I plan to fix that before I turn in my final copy. This will help my audience better relate to my topic. I had two peer reviews and am extremely happy that I did. Both my reviews said similar things. So what this shows me is that I need to work on those aspects of my paper. They also said that my introduction confused them, until they read the final sentence. They also said that I need to work on my punctuation and my grammar. This was also proven to
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Unformatted text preview: me by the writepoint program. Also, that if I used sources throughout my paper that they need to be properly sited. I want to fix my introduction to become more appealing to my audience. Also I want the introduction to flow better with the rest of my paper and be the attention grabber I know it can be. I will be fixing all of my grammatical errors, no matter how small they may seem. I will watch for my comma usage, I know how fun they are to use but there is a time and place for them in my writing. After I have completed all that was given to me in feedback, I feel that my paper will be worthy of reading by any of my peers....
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