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CheckPoint Energy Resource Challenges

CheckPoint Energy Resource Challenges - Energy Resource...

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Energy Resource Challenges Wind generators are just what they are referred to as. When wind blows, it turns huge blades that in turn move gears to create electricity. Solar panels collect beams of light that is sent to a generator that creates electricity as well. Bio-diesel can be made by almost anything. The most common form of bio-diesel is made with corn oil which makes it not only good for the environment when burned, but also smells good. I noticed there were two renewable energy resources that are not mentioned in the video. One of which is water. If a hydroelectric plant was built on a steadily running river, small lake or even a regular house pond, the water could turn turbines in the machine to put electricity in to the grid it is connected to. The second renewable resource that was not talked about in the video is nuclear power. Nuclear power plants do not depend on burning fossil fuels like regular power plants do when heating water. Nuclear power plants heat water by nuclear fission, or when one atom splits in to two.
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