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CheckPoint Population Size - started to dwindle away the...

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P a g e | 1 Checkpoint: Population Size Week Four Samantha 7/29/2010
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Shawnic Pollard The four factors that produce change in population are birth rate, death rate, immigration, and emigration. Birth rate is the number of births for every one thousand people, every year. Death rate is the number of deaths for every one thousand people every year. Death rates are caused by the lack of food and water, the lack of education, medicine, suicides, crime, war, also well as many other causes. Immigration is the number of people that enter the country for many reasons. Finally emigration, this is the number of people that leave the country, also for many reasons. In the video the population factor is immigration. Nutria, a large sized semi-aquatic animal has moved in onto Louisiana’s wetland. They were brought to Louisiana for the fur industry, which means they were brought to Louisiana by force. Once the fur industries slowly
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Unformatted text preview: started to dwindle away, the Nutria’s started taking over the wetlands and marshes. The Nutria’s are well suited for Louisiana; they can live on the land to feed, as well as in the water. Nutria eats P a g e | 3 almost anything that is green and they eat up to one third their own body weights. They can give birth at six weeks old and can have up to forty babies in a littler. Nutria’s death rate is low because they do not have natural threats in Louisiana. I think that as Louisiana’s wetlands and marshes are gradually deleting because of the Nutrias. The Nutria’s will then move further in to the land, and move in on top of the human population. I think intern this will cause a negative effect on human resources and will or could cause humans to take a more effective approach to the Nutria’s immigration....
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CheckPoint Population Size - started to dwindle away the...

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