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Checkpoint Research Paper Revision Week Eight Even though I did not receive any feedback from my instructor or for a peer review I have taken the time for my wife to review my paper. I think that her opinion was useful and that I will use in my final paper. She has told me that I need to watch out for my conjunction words like can’t and don’t in my paper to cannot and do not. She also told me that I should make sure that I am sure to back up all my facts with and in-text citation; which I was unaware of how to do until I took the liberty of the writepoint and plagiarism checker. I do however regret not being
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Unformatted text preview: able to have a peer review to reflect back on. I will in the future do this knowing how useful it can be later in the assignments. The writepoint has also helped me to know where I am over using commas and where I should make sure to add them. I did not know that I was using them so freely until I ran my paper through the checker. I plan to incorporate any and all feedback that I have received. It is all in someway valuable to me and as writer and for my final paper....
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