Default configuration

Default configuration - IncludeSpyFiles=0 CarbonCopy=1...

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[Main] EasyMode=1 Legals=0 ShowDetails=1 AutoSave=1 CreateBackups=1 CreateTrackBackups=1 CreateSystemBackups=1 CreateSystemRestorePointSpyware=0 CreateSystemRestorePointInternals=0 IgnoreIncludeFileError=1 Confirmation=1 Compability=1 Priority=Normal RecoveryAged=1 R [Main\AlertSounds] AlertSpyFound=0 AlertNothingFound=0 A [Automation\ProgramStart] AutoCheck=0 AutoFix=0 RerunAfterFix=0 AutoImmunize=0 DontAsk=0 WaitStart=0 WaitPrograms=0 WaitMore=0 W [Automation] SystemStart=NoAutomation S [Automation\SystemStart] AutoCheck=0 AutoFix=0 WaitStart=0 WaitPrograms=0 WaitMore=0 AutoClose=0 A [Automation\WebUpdate] AutoCheck=0 AutoDownload=0 RemindUpdate=0 CheckBetas=0 CheckAllLanguages=0 CheckSkins=0 CheckSignatures=0 UseProxy=0 U [Logfile] WriteCheckLog=1 WriteFixLog=1 IncludeLogDetails=1 OverwriteLog=0 O [Look] BlindUser=0
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DisplayHeader=1 InfoPanelHighlight=0 I [BugReport] UseDefaultMailer=1 IncludeSysInfo=1 IncludeResults=1 IncludeActiveX=1 IncludeBHO=1 IncludeBrowserPages=1 IncludeProcessList=1 IncludeStartup=1 IncludeWinsockLSPs=1 IncludeClipboardText=0 IncludeClipboardImage=0
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Unformatted text preview: IncludeSpyFiles=0 CarbonCopy=1 C [Expert] ShredTracks=1 ShredRecovery=1 ShowResultsButtons=0 ShowRecoveryButtons=0 S [Expert\Viewer] HelperUseFiles=0 HelperUseFolders=0 HelperUseRegistry=0 H [Filesets] Spybot - Search & Destroy=1 QA R [Durations] Spybot - Search & Destroy=0 QA Gebrauchsspuren=0 Tracks.uti=0 T [Tools.Visibility] aToolsHosts=0 aOnlineOptOut=0 aToolsViewReport=1 aOnlineBugReport=0 aToolsShredder=1 aToolsResident=1 aToolsActiveX=0 aToolsBHOs=0 aToolsBrowserPages=0 aToolsIETweaks=1 aToolsProcessList=0 aToolsSystemInternals=1 aToolsRun=1 aToolsWinsock=1 a...
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This note was uploaded on 10/18/2010 for the course JK retw taught by Professor Aser during the Spring '10 term at Aarhus Universitet, Aarhus.

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Default configuration - IncludeSpyFiles=0 CarbonCopy=1...

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