Boiling Water - surface than the fire tube boiler-State of...

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Turbine-Directly connected to generator Condenser-Goes to cooling tower “Back end of a power plant that uses steam” Would like to have heat flow from the stove into the water Bottom of the pan constitutes the heat transfer surface Heat Release Rate - Rate at which heat is supplied by the stove to the water Much larger heat transfer surface in a bigger pan -We can boil more water Fire (heat) underneath pan hits bottom of pan and goes through all the tubes Fire Tube Boiler- Much greater heat transfer surface than flat pan Much greater ability to boil water—Faster, greater quantity Steam Tube Boiler 1) Flows in from outside Water Tube Boiler- (also called steam-tube boiler) has much greater heat transfer
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Unformatted text preview: surface than the fire tube boiler-State of art for big power plants-We need a lot of steam to use it $1650 per kilowatt of capacity 1000-megawatt plant $1650000000 to build a new plant How is heat transferred? 1) Conduction-occurs through solid materials by vibrations of atoms and molecules 2) Convection-occurs through movement of a hot fluid (liquid or gas)-usually air 3) Radiation- occurs through electromagnetic radiation Any object that is hotter than its environment will radiate energy to the environment-Radiation depends on: 1) The temperature difference 2) The nature of the surface that is radiating Infrared Light to Visible light to Ultraviolet light to X-rays to Cosmic Rays...
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Boiling Water - surface than the fire tube boiler-State of...

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