Greenhouse Effect 2

Greenhouse Effect 2 - -Multiple independent lines of...

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-Multiple independent lines of evidence that indicate the planet is warming -Heat from the sun is not changing- the heat escaping from the planet must be decreasing -Some components of the atmosphere trap infrared heat radiation -Green House Gases- one is CO2 -There is a natural greenhouse effect caused by the CO2 occurring naturally in the atmosphere IS THERE A HUMAN-CAUSED GREENHOUSE EFFECT IN ADDITION TO THE NATURAL ONE Greenhouse Effect- also known as global warming OR global climate change Weather vs. Climate Weather - conditions of temperature, precipitation, etc for a short period of time Climate- average of weather conditions over a long period of time- years, decades, centuries Although CO2 is not the only greenhouse gas, there are very good correlations between the C02 content of the atmosphere and the average global temperature The CO2 content of the atmosphere has been increasing steadily for at least 100 years AND average global temperatures have been doing the same thing Steady increase In using coal
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Greenhouse Effect 2 - -Multiple independent lines of...

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