Exam 1 - Hotelier A person who operates a hotel...

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Aug 25 Overview of the Hospitality, Travel, and Tourism Industries FOOD SERVICE-Largest Revenue and Most Employees -Commercial: Primary Purpose is to Serve Food -Fine Dining -Casual -Family -Quick Service Restaurants -Non-Commercial: Purpose to Educate. Primary purpose is not to feed people -Schools -Health Care LODGING -Rooms -Full Service—includes restaurant, ballroom, meeting areas, etc -Limited/Select Service—Mostly just rooms and sometimes other (restaurant, meeting rooms, etc.) -F&B -Sales, Meeting, Convention - Controller : Manages the budget RECREATION -Clubs -Gaming -Attractions -Stadiums/Arenas -Entertainment -Festivals -Community -Parks -Resort---Combines Lodging and Recreation TRAVEL-Least Revenue -Air—Most Revenue -Rail -Coach -Auto -Limo -Cruise Service/Merchandise/Management spreads across all segments (HR, Marketing, Accounting and Finance)
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Unformatted text preview: Hotelier- A person who operates a hotel Restaurateur- A person who operates a restaurant Barista- Person who makes coffee Steer- Beef (Cow) Canapé- Bite size food (Cracker, Cucumber Slice, etc.) Hors Doeuvres-Chicken Kebab (Bite Size) Crudités-Cut up vegetables with some dipping sauce Appetizers- Served at table. Larger Portions Petit Four- Bite sized food served after you eat (Typically Desert) Aperitif- Drink that will stimulate appetite (Glass of Wine) Fois Gras- Goose Liver that has gone through process called GAVAGE Gavage- Fattens Liver then cooked Pate- Grinded up with bread crumbs to keep together Force Meat- Forced through the grinder Cheval- Horse Meat Roquefort- Bleu Cheese. All Roquefort is Bleu but not all Bleu is Roquefort Champagne- Sparkling Wine. Not all Sparkling Wine is Champagne...
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Exam 1 - Hotelier A person who operates a hotel...

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