Aug 30-Multiculturalism

Aug 30-Multiculturalism - -Decreasing percentages of white...

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Aug 30 Valuing Diversity - I think its good to be around people who are different than me. I can benefit from people who have had a different life experience. Managing Diversity - Regardless of how you feel, you will manage a diverse work force. To be effective manager, you need to manage that diversity well. Globalization - International Opportunities and Businesses. Understanding National Differences. HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT AND ALIKE Visible Differences -Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Physical Appearance, Marital Status, Religion (sometimes), Ability/Disability, Sexual Preference (Sometimes) Legally Protected- Sex, Age, Race, Religion, Disability Difference that Matter- Personality, Language, Morals, Education Not Protected- Marital Status, Sexual Preference PRIMARY-DNA SECONDARY-MAKE CHOICES -age -education -work experience -race -income -religious beliefs -gender -military experience -personal style -ethnicity -geographic location -physical abilities -marital status -sexual orientation -parental status DEMOGRAPHICS—how is population and work force changing?
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Unformatted text preview: -Decreasing percentages of white people-Increasing numbers and percentages of-African Americans---13%-Hispanic Americans---15%-Asian Americans---5%-Women---57% participate in workforce-Men---75% participate in workforce-Older Workers-White Men=Largest group in work force-White Women=Second largest group in work force-GAY, LESBIAN, BISEXUAL-10%-IMMIGRATION-COMPENSATION HOUSEHOLD INCOME BY ETHNICITY-WHITE $70331-HISPANIC $50828-BLACK $46831-ASIAN $85018 Challenges with Diversity-Discrimination-don’t give person equal opportunity because part of certain group-Chauvinism-my group is better than your group-Sexism, racism, ageism, anti-Semitism, ethnocentrism Sexual Harassment-Quid Pro Quo-This for that-Hostel Environment-I make it uncomfortable for you to work here because of your group (race, gender, etc)-Stereotypes-Bonified Occupation Qualification (BFOQ)- Need to be certain thing to do something-Business Necessity-...
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Aug 30-Multiculturalism - -Decreasing percentages of white...

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