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Sep 3-Services Management - Sensual Benefits-Taste and...

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Goods-Articles of trade, merchandise -Cars, housing, appliances, groceries Service-the performance of duties or work for another -Hotels, restaurants, health care, banks CHARACTERISTICS OF SERVICES Inseparability- Services are created and consumed at the same time, with the guests involvement Intangibility- Cannot hold or touch, the guest uses or consumes services, but does not “take them away” (hotel) Perishability- Cannot be held in inventory (if not used now, the opportunity is gone forever) (airline empty seats) Heterogeneity- Always different, never exactly the same—due to guests’ unique demands and servers’ unique style, service encounters are different every time PRODUCT SERVICE MIX-“WHAT ARE WE SELLING” Physical Item-Food, Drinks
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Unformatted text preview: Sensual Benefits-Taste and Aroma, Table Service, Atmosphere Physiological Benefits- Comfort, Status, Sense of well being TYPES OF SERVICE-Electronic/Mechanical=High Techinternet-Indirect Personal-Face-to-Face=High Touchbetter experience because you are their in person-Task and Interpersonal Aspects of Service---want employer to be friendly and give customer comfort-Product and Process Views of Service Delivery SERVICE TRENS AND STATISTICS-Rapid growth in production and use of services (service sector as percent of GNP)-1947=54%-1975=65%-2000=75%-9 of 10 new jobs are in the service sector-Pronounced lack of productivity growth in service sector QUALITY SERVICE-is customer happy?...
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