Sep 8-Restaurant and Foodservice

Sep 8-Restaurant and Foodservice - -Higher check...

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The Restaurant and Foodservice Business Traditional Restaurant Types or Segments -QUICK SERVICE (fast food) -MIDSCALE (family) -FINE DINING -CASUAL DINING (dinner houses) Top Restaurant Chains -Companies and Brands -Nations Restaurant News Top 100 and Segments -Market Segments and Concepts -Forms and Levels of Service Check Average- How much does a person typically spend at a given place Revenue/number of guests Table Turnover -How effective you are in your dining room 300 covers/6 seats=50 people Employee Turnover Number Hired/Number Employees Revenue/Covers -Family dining exclusively doesn’t have alcohol -Casual dining exclusively has alcoholic beverages CASUAL DINING -meal times=lunch and dinner (sometimes not even lunch) -check average higher Quick Casual-Panera Bread FINE DINING -Exclusively not part of a chain
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Unformatted text preview: -Higher check average ($30+)-Mainly Dinner-Sommelier-Person who is responsible for wine service3 INDUSTRY SEGMENTS VARY BY:-Menu-Labor-Service-Liquor-Hours of Operation-Meal Periods Changes amongst Segments-Check Average-Time at Table-Table Turns-Staff Training-Guest Expectations-EE/Guest Ratio-Food Cost % Location is most important for restaurants Eating vs. Dining Eating-I need to eat, quicker, not fancy Dining-Sit down meal, a date FORMS AND LEVELS OF SERVICE-Serve with the left-Clear with the right a la carte- everything is typically individual prix fixe- Price fixed meal. For one cost you get entire meal table d’hôte- table of the host Tray line-place where food is prepared in hospitals Teppanyaki-Hibachi, grill in front of you...
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Sep 8-Restaurant and Foodservice - -Higher check...

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