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DICE BRASSKNUCKLES AND GUITAR New Money old Money -New=Flashy -Old=Reserved Characteristics-New Money -Flashy -Parties -Have to have show -What you have is most important JIM POWELL How does money and class play in to story? -Appearance -Comes from South so is surprised to see white servant -Gets new Money but doesn’t know how to act with all that money -Uses his car as cab but no one wants to sit in cab because its old junky car -Car breaks down and ends up at house-Talks about what he would do if this was a movie -Shows better picture-more realistic in a movie -Brand new technology of time period VICTORIAN-Late 19 th century -Corsets-Squeezing Torso (hourglass image) -Rich people doing rich people things MODERNISM-Present -Cars -Different Styles -Speed and Efficiency -Goes to New York and learns the styles of Modernism
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Unformatted text preview: -Brings Amanthis to HamptonsGets her into society by going house-to-house and looking around for customers. Starts school called Dice, Brass knuckles, and Guitar DICE BRASS KNUCKLES AND GUITAR ACADEMY-He knows how to do it----Learned through his society when in South-Servant teaching peoples how to speak new language (African American Language) for singing purposes-All Rich people want to learn how to do all the things that were part of African American Society-Everything has to be very proper for rich white people.-Dont know now to have fun-Need to learnStart to get away from outdated dead cultural norms Looking for new ways to explore life Amanthis-Really part of aristocratic old money society-Tries to fool Jim Powell...
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