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English Midterm Study Guide - Radical ideas about culture...

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Amiri Baraka - (Leroi Jones) studied at Rutgers, Howard, and Colombia. He joined US Air Force in 1954. Went to Greenwich Village. Went to Cuba and published a famous and inspirational jazz album. Became a nationalist after Malcolm X died and moved to Harlem. Beat movement did not reflect his political ideas. More and more into civil rights movement and his writings became controversial. Tried to inspire people to revolt against society. Harlem Renaissance -New ideas about racial uplift -Booker T Washington W.E.B Dubois -Class issues in Black Community -Gender (domestic violence, sexual orientation, homophobic comments) - Colorism- The different colors within the black race -Prejudice based on lightness/darkness of skin -Drive towards whiteness Find new things to use in making our identities-self definition -Zoraneale Hurston -Folk stories and culture. Gets ideas from college and hanging with professors. -------
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Unformatted text preview: Radical ideas about culture and relativity-Finds forms of religion relevant to her community-Traveled to Jamaica and Haiti to see the different communities over there and see their cultures-Maroon communities-African language, religion, social structure-How communities kept some of this alive Beat Generation-Trying to find new stories about themselves-Later figure developed -Gwendolyn Brooks-Emotions of gender, abortion, nature of women’s role in reproducing society-WORLD WAR 2-first Pulitzer prize winner for poems-traditonal forms (different from typical beat writers)-Know about Borakas thoughts and how they developed and changed Modernism- traditional forms being outdated. New ideas and concepts. Technology, etc. Improve and re-shape society...
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English Midterm Study Guide - Radical ideas about culture...

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