Macro - 1-5 diamonds aaa 1-5 stars forbes European plan pay...

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Compliment=nice Complement=goes Guest Segmentation Hotel Segmentation Hotel Management Structure and Ownership Hotel Companies, Brands, and Statistics GUEST SEGMENTATION -Business Travelers -Transient-29% -Conference/Meeting-25% -Leisure Travelers -Vacation-24% -Other-22% Transient- Business traveler who moves/travels around for business SMERFS- SYNOD- Group of churches -Tours, Cultural, Sports, Government -International Travelers Hotel Classifications/Segmentation Hotels classified by Label -Hotel -Motel -Inn -Motor Inn -Lodge Hotels classified by Level and Type of Service/Product -Limited-Service (Select-Service) -Full-Service -Luxury -All Suites HOTELS CLASSIIFIE BY PRICE - Budget -Economy -Mid Price -First Class -Luxury
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Time Share- many different owners -Other investors Occupation %=rooms sold/rooms available for sale ADR=Average Daily Rate Revenue/rooms sold Rack Rate- ADR will never be higher than Rack Rate REVPAR-Revenue Per Available Room Revenue/Rooms Available for Sale PROFPAR-Profit per available room
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Unformatted text preview: 1-5 diamonds aaa 1-5 stars forbes European plan- pay for hotel room then additional money for food and beverage Hotel Management Structure and Ownership-Hotel Brands-Hotel Companies-Hotel Management Companies-Hotel Real Estate Investors Brand is name on hotel Company owns the brands Real Estate-Land and Building Brand-The sign or flag you see outside the building-Holiday Inn-Best Western-Sheraton-Courtyard-Hilton Companies-Own the brands, may or may not operate hotels-Intercontinental Hotels Group (Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express)-Best Western-Marriott International-Hilton Hotels Corporation-Choice Hotels International-Accor (motel)-Starwood Choice Hotels-Franchise Only—do not operate hotels Hotel Management Companies-don’t operate under their own brand-Interstate-Archon (formerly Theraldson)-HEI, White Lodging, Vista Host, Sunburst-Shaner-West Paces, John Q, Hammons, Milestone, Summit, Sage, Crestline...
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  • Fall '08
  • Motel, Ownership Hotel Companies, hotels -Intercontinental Hotels, Inn -Lodge Hotels, Hotel Classifications/Segmentation Hotels

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Macro - 1-5 diamonds aaa 1-5 stars forbes European plan pay...

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